Graduate completion

Congratulation to Noor Isnaini Azkiya who has completed master degree in chemistry (M.Sc. Chem.) with title project application of phenolic extract from Pinus merkussii flower waste.



Congratulation to Ms Pebri Ari Pangestin who has defended her bachelor thesis August 2017.

Presentation on international conference

Presentation of our group was underwent on 1st International Conference on One Health, 1-2 March 2017, with title “A high antibacterial activity of a mixture of flower extract of Pinus merkusii Jungh & De Vriese and copper nanoparticle”.

Involved team works: Dinna Norani Pangestin,’ Siti Mariyah Ulfa,’ and Slamet Riyanto” (‘Chemistry department, Faculty of mathematics and natural sciences and “Laboratory of microbiology, faculty of medicine, Brawijaya University).

Congratulation to :

  • Dinna Noorani for defended her undergraduate thesis (January 2017) “Green synthesis copper and zinc nanoparticle using Pinus merkusii Jungh & De Vriese extract and their antibacterial activity on Staphylococcus aureus” and conferred her bachelor degree in chemistry (B.Sc. Chem.)
  • Nuraini Uswatun Chasana, B.Sc. (Chem.)  for defended her master thesis (January 2017) “Synthesis and characterisation of polyaniline nanoparticle as catalyst for alpha-pinene oxidation with hydrogen peroxide” and conferred master of science in chemistry (M.Sc. Chem.)

Congrates to degree conferment

Congratulate for B.Sc. (Chem.) conferment to (1) Fajriyah Kurnia Laili, (2) Dwi Hendra Kurniawan, (3) Mohammad Abdi Baihaqi, (4) Kurnia Krisna Pamungkas, and (5) Kharisul Ihsan.


Sengon (Paraserianthes falcataria), a native plants, stem bark as anti-diabetic agent on animal model


Our group recently disclose a recent finding on Indonesia native plants stem bark of Sengon (Paraserianthes falcataria) as anti-diabetic agent on model rats. The activity also indicate active as hypoglycemicals by decreasing glucose concentration in animal blood.  This project is funded by Directorate General of Higher education from Ministry of Research, Technology and Higher Education for three students;  Dinna Norani Pangestin (Chemistry), Pebri Ari Pangesti (Chemistry) dan Wahyuningyan Arini (Biology).

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Congratulation to Helda Wika Amini, S.Si. (UB), M.Si. (UB), M.Sc. (NCU) for his outstanding thesis defence achievement in double degree program between Chemistry of Brawijaya University and Chemistry of National Central University, Taiwan.


Two research proposal on “Research Student Inovation Program” have been granted by Directorate General of Higher Education in finacial year 2016 (SK Nomor 117/B3.1/KM/2016 dated 19 February 2016).

  1. Isolasi senyawa triterpenoid dari kulit batang kayu jaran (Dolichandrone spathacea) sebagai bahan dasar antibiotik Staphylococcus aureus. Research team: (a) Oktivia Ditasari, (b) Nur Hasanah Partiwi, and (c) Audina Vidya Restanty.
  2. Ekstraksi senyawa triterpenoid kulit batang Paraserianthes falcataria sebagai obat diabtetes melilitus tipe 2 in vivo. Research team: (a) Dinna Norani Pangestin, (b) Pebri Ari Pangesti, and (c) Wahyuningyan Arini.





Final examination

Congratulation to:

  1. Nurul Inayah, defended the thesis (Eucheuma spinosum chemo-prospecting) to graduate degree commission (February 1th, 2016).
  2. Ainul Musayyadah, defended thesis (alpha-pinene chemo-prospecting) to undergraduate degree commission (January 27th, 2016).




Congratulation for some students for their study completion (October 2015) and graduation: Merry, Bagus N Ramadhan, Muthia Nayla, and Heny.

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