Curriculum vitae

Name       : Masruri, SSi., MSi., PhD

Born         : Banyuwangi / 20 Oktober 1973

Status       : Marriage with two children (Faikar and Jasmine)

Contact    :


Research Interest :

  1. Organic Chemistry : Methodology development, synthesis and catalysis, catalytic oxidation.
  2. Natural Product Chemistry : Isolation and screening local and Indonesian secondary metabolite natural products from marine and plants to find out prospecting further applications.
  3. Bioresources Prospecting : Investigation the potential application of organo-naturally bulk bioresources to increase the value and supporting fundamental research and industrial applications.


Education :

  1. University of Brawijaya, 1997 (S.Si., Thesis : Identification of chemical composition of diethyl ether extract of Srikaya (Annona squamosa sp) seed. Supervisor drs. Warsito, MS)
  2. Gadjah Mada University, 2001 (M.Si., Thesis : Study of reaction alpha-pinene and aquaregia : Variation of nitric acid and hydrochloric acid composition, temperature and reaction kinetic. Supervisor Prof Dr Muchalal, DEA and drs Bambang Purwono, MSc, PhD)
  3. Australian National University, 2012 (PhD, Thesis : Development of preformed nitrogen source for the osmium-catalysed aminohydroxylation reaction. Supervisor A/Prof Malcolm D. McLeod, Prof Michael M. Shurburn, and Dr. Rajeev S. Menon)


Professional membership:

  1. Himpunan Kimia Indonesia (Indonesian Chemical Society), 2009
  2. Royal Australian Chemical Institute (RACI), MRACI 2009; MRACI C.Chem. 2010


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