The key word of our research is organic chemistry, natural products chemistry, and bioresources prospecting. We lay down the research to achieve the better prospect application of Indonesian natural resources, and apply the science of organic chemistry as essential tool.

  1. Organic Chemistry : Methodology development, synthesis and catalysis, catalytic oxidation.
  2. Natural Product Chemistry : Isolation and screening local and Indonesian secondary metabolite natural products from marine and plants to find out prospecting further applications.
  3. Bioresources Prospecting : Investigation the potential application of organo-naturally bulk bioresources to increase the value and supporting fundamental research and industrial applications.

Research funding available for 2017 :

Topic 1:  Antibacterial conjugate pair of alkaloid and metal nanoparticle (2 students).

Topic 2:  Metal-graphite oxide nanoparticle catalyst selective oxidation alpha-pinene (1 student)

Topic 3: Conducting polymer-based catalyst for selective oxidation alpha-pinene (1 student)


On going research:

  • Alpha-pinene oxidation to find new ligands for Cu(II), Zn(II) and their antibacterial evaluation.
  • Alpha-pinene isomerisation to further investigation of their potent commercially products including design nano-catalyst for selective and efficient conversion.
  • Structural modification of Cassava starch for further application such as stationary phase for stereoselective separation of secondary metabolite natural products.
  • Structural modification of curcuminoids : finding for further potential applications.


If you interest to be part, please contact to or drop in our office.

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